Spend Five Minutes with Author Roya Carmen

1. What books or authors have influenced your writing?

I really enjoy fun contemporary romance: Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding and Jane Green. I also enjoy literary commercial fiction such as Jodi Picoult, and Anita Shreve. And in terms of erotic romance, I am a big fan of Christina Lauren, and Bella Andre. I like to think my writing incorporates a little bit of all these influences.

2. Do you write alpha or beta heroes, or does it vary with each story?

I enjoy writing alpha-beta heroes. They are powerful and in control, yet they have a sensitive, sweet side. And they can get a little playful too. Who doesn’t like a man who can make you laugh? In my trilogyThe Ground Rules, Weston is a tad peculiar – he’s a little nerdy and shy, but he’s also very sexy, powerful and mysterious.

3. What’s your favorite romance trope to read or write, (secret baby, marriage of convenience, big secret, enemies to lovers, etc.)?

I love the Cinderella theme, opposites attract, good girl/bad boy, friends to lovers, love triangle. My trilogy includes three of these tropes.

4. Can you tell us about your current or upcoming projects?

The Ground Rules is an erotic romance trilogy. It tells the story of Mirella Keates, a typical suburban mom and teacher who is happily married to her high school sweetheart. But one fateful night, her life changes when she and her husband Gabe meet a very beautiful and interesting couple.

Mirella is instantly drawn to Weston – he’s sexy, mysterious, and a little peculiar. And when he and his stunning wife make them an unthinkable proposal, Mirella and Gabe accept, driven by lust and desire.

The ground rules are clear, but as Mirella discovers the kind and gentle man hidden under Weston’s rigid exterior, she soon falls hard for him. And as Weston’s walls begin to crumble, he starts to break his own rules as well.

As Mirella falls deeper, she is torn between her feelings for Weston and her love for her husband. And she realizes her entire world is tearing at the seams.

 5. Last question. Just for fun, if you could have any super power, what would it be?

Time travel – to be able to go anywhere in the world instantaneously, in another era, would be so cool! First on my agenda would be Paris in the 1920s.

Learn more about author Roya Carmen and how to get a copy of her new release The Ground Rules on Kindle or in print.


The rules are simple…until they aren’t.

I have everything I ever thought I could want: a nice home, a job I love, two beautiful girls, and my husband, Gabe – my high school sweetheart who still rocks my world. If you ask anyone to describe me they would say, “Oh, Mirella? She’s such a nice girl.” And it’s true… until a mysterious, peculiar man and his beautiful wife enter our lives.

Weston and Bridget Hanson are no ordinary couple—they’re stunning, enigmatic, and sexy as hell. During the course of one unexpected evening, my ordinary world is turned upside down. How could it not be when Weston and Bridget propose the unthinkable? And when the unthinkable is so very tempting, giving in becomes inevitable.

It sounds so logical and simple. Just five rules and we can all have what we desire. But the heart doesn’t follow rules, and now passion, jealousy, and confusion threaten to tear everything apart.

Two beautiful couples. Five simple rules. One hot mess.

Link to excerpt on my website: http://royacarmen.com/the-ground-rules/

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25521134-the-ground-rules

Contact info: www.royacarmen.com 

Twitter: @royacarmen

FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007361415244

royacarmen2AUTHOR BIO: Romance writer, mom, book junkie, manic doodler. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my laptop and making up stories – and if those stories should include beautiful men, a little romance, and a few steamy scenes, all the better!

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Welcome my Guest Author Davee Jones!

Please join me in welcoming author Davee Jones to my blog today. Here’s a little more about Davee and her writing.

Davee Jones – My first book published was, ironically, not the first book I wrote. On Ellicott Street – a feisty, loving, cougar romance novella- holds the honor of being my first published book. Finless, released second, was the result of years of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a dark dance balancing between love, desire, and anger. I have 12 total releases so far between my adult moniker and my YA moniker, Allee Mae.

My ideal reader allows me to take them to the edge of sanity, push limits, and support a sometimes simple protagonist just trying to get by in life. I have the same type characters in my explicit writing as well as my sweet or YA books-they just don’t use the “F” word or engage in overt sexuality. It doesn’t always take erotic descriptors of body parts/functions to get a point across. But, I will bring out the sexy when a mature story requires it. (wink)

My newest series takes a twist on fantasy football and dating clubs. Split the Uprights is book one of the Fantasy League series. Books two and three are also available- A Game of Inches and Personal Fouls

cropped for book promo


splitfrontWhat happens when you mix men and women in a fantasy football league? Lots of sexy competition and instant rivalries. Owner of Fantasy Leagues, Lola Fontaine, maintains two identities, one as loving matchmaker and the other as ball busting Dominatrix. In the LockHim Room, her muscle toned guys never know what to expect. With reclusive statistician, Eugene Carlton, they believe they have the perfect formula for romance. All their success takes a place on the Wall of Flame. But, do they really know anything about true love connections? She takes awkward Danika Parker under her wing and teaches her everything she doesn’t know about love. However, in the process, they establish risky boundaries, pushing the envelope normally established for just friends. Danika takes an interest in fellow participant, Finn Maxwell, the man still searching for a plan. Unfortunately for Lola, time is running out on secrets from her past. Living on borrowed time will catch up with her in a way she least expected. She will hurt the ones she loves, no matter how she tries. But, will they ever forgive? Will Lola get more than she counted on? Learn about grilled lemonade, love jam, fantasy football, and safe words all wrapped into the fun of Split the Uprights.

Quote From Book:

“I realize you live in a world of certain parameters, so to speak. It’s like always eating cake without frosting. One day you try frosting and cake eating arrives to a whole new level of fabulous. Maybe you should add some icing, Eugene.” – Lola Fontaine

daveetatsunglassedI have adult content available as: Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government.

Find me on Goodreads and my book titles are available in the following locations:

Amazon Author Page, Barnes and Noble Author Page , Smashwords Secret Cravings Publishing

All Romance eBooks Davee Jones

Author Bio: For my sweet side as Allee Mae– with my 13 y/o daughter, we combine to create fictional worlds with something for everyone. Whether exploring urban legends, the eerie paranormal, first loves, sweet romance, scary dreams, we take you away from the everyday. Sweet Cravings Allee Mae  alleemaeauthor@aol.com Twitter @alleemaeauthor

Spend Five Minutes With Author Zax Vagen

  1. What books or authors have influenced your writing?

Raymond E Feist

Issac Asimov

Paolo Coelo

Richard Branson

Dale carnege

Stephen King

Harper Lee


  1. Do you write alpha or beta heroes, or does it vary with each story?

Usually both. I tend to have a shadow hero in every story.


  1. What’s your favorite romance trope to read or write, (secret baby, marriage of convenience, big secret, enemies to lovers, etc.)?

Unlikely lovers, but i write mostly Fantasy, with a touch of romance.


  1. Can you tell us about your current or upcoming projects?

I’m doing a scifi book about an underdog who gets selected for a critical mission to the space settlement. His unique life experiences give the story a rip-roaring comedy edge to a serious problem. I’m also concurrently working on a short romance +- 35 k words and the sequel to “Finding the Soul Bridge” 100k words an epic Arcane Fantasy called “The Soulstone of the Druid.” Book 2 of “the soul fire Saga”

  1. Last question. Just for fun, if you could have any super power, what would it be?

Immortal, time on earth is precious and should be used wisely, most people squander their time on nonsense. I have lived a hundred lives already in just thirty years. I sleep only 2 -4 hours a day, don’t watch tv, never watch sport. Never complain. Do real things for e exercise like planting trees and volunteering at rehab.


Learn more about Author Zax Vagen




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Spend Five Minutes With Author Betty Vie

Today I am kicking off a brand new author interview series called “Five Minutes With…”

Each author I feature will answer the same five simple questions so that each Q&A can be read in about a minute’s time. After reading all five questions/answers readers will have spent about five minutes getting to know an author.

I’m very excited to introduce the first writer featured in this series. She’s a newer author of contemporary romance. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her a bit online recently and I think my blog readers will as well. Without further ado, I invite you to spend five minutes getting to know author Betty Vie.

1. What books or authors have influenced your writing?

I’ve always enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, seems a bit of a cliché, but I fell in love the first time I read it and other works of Jane Austen.

2. Do you write alpha or beta heroes, or does it vary with each story?

My characters like to believe they are the Alpha’s of the story but stepping down to Beta is in my opinion of one heck of a hot Alpha. You get a bit of both.

3. What’s your favorite romance trope to read or write, (secret baby, marriage of convenience, big secret, enemies to lovers, etc.)?

I enjoy reading the enemies to lovers stories and the occasional big secret you never saw coming. I write things you might consider happening in real life or not.

4. Can you tell us about your current or upcoming projects?

I am currently working on book 3 of the Betrayal Series and will release late spring/early summer. Stay tuned for upcoming details.

5. Last question. Just for fun, if you could have any super power, what would it be?

My super power would be “Invisibility”, with that the possibilities are endless.

Here’s a little more about Betty and her books.

 author photoAuthor Bio

Writing has always been a strong element of mine, thanks to my high school English teacher for forcing us to only write essays. I just recently decided to share my stories with the world. Everything I write is in some way related to experiences with either myself, friends or family. Contemporary Romance is my genre and hope to someday break into other genres. I live in Texas with my husband and three daughters. I jot ideas in a mini notebook wherever I find myself, has become an obsession really.

amanda photo1Tainted Book Blurb

Finding a job right out of college is always someone’s dream right? Vanessa Kinsley’s luck is on her side. She took an intern position at Reese Finance Corporation and now finds herself fully employed five years later working side by side with the CEO. Her tables are turned upside down when the boss’s son takes over the company. Mr. Reese always treated her like a child of his own and hid his son from ever crossing paths with Vanessa. That day has come and will now work side by side. Many factors within the company shift as well, entering Jacob Andrews as the newest hot Alpha occupying an open seat on the executive board. Love triangle you think? Not quite. While both men intend to conquer her, one of their darkest hidden secrets will rip the beautiful Vanessa from the very life they promise to devote to her. Time is of the essence and it ticks at a rapid pace.



Buy links

Tainted: An Ultimate Betrayal (book 1)

Nook – http://tinyurl.com/lag86m3

Kobo – http://bit.ly/16VHG2r

Amazon US http://amzn.to/16VJyZb

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1aBXjOV

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Add Some Mystery and Romance to Your Christmas with Forever Blue by Elodie Parkes

ForevercoverbloggerPlease help me in welcoming Elodie Parkes back to my blog!

Today, Elodie is sharing a little bit about her newest release Forever Blue. Without further ado, I’ll let Elodie take over and tell us all about her new book.

Forever Blue,’ my December 20 release with Hot Ink Press, was inspired by the woodland near where I live. There’s a mysterious feel about the woods in autumn. It often feels as if something is watching. From the window of the room where I write, I can see across to nearby woods. I hear owls hoot at night. At dusk and dawn, there are strange mists that rise from the trees. It’s very lovely.

Blurb for Forever Blue:

Claudie loves living in the countryside and close to the forests. She’s a film maker and works for the wildlife trust. One night she steps onto her patio and sees a man sheltering there. She confronts him and he runs away.

Jasper has watched Claudie for a year. He fell in love with her, but he has a secret, one that might mean he can never approach her.

Will love and fate find a way?

What secret must Jasper hide?

What’s the strange blue dust that turns up on Claudie’s patio?

18+ erotic paranormal romance


Excerpt of Forever Blue:

When she arrived home, he was in his usual place on the patio. It was an exceptionally dark night. The moon was covered with dense cloud. Rain fell in huge drops. He heard the Land Rover long before she pulled into her path and parked. Jasper heard her humming. She went through her front door. If she had been to a hide somewhere other than in the local area she was home early, he decided. He listened to the sound of her making a hot drink in her kitchen. He smiled. He couldn’t stop smiling. The sound of her voice flowed over him. It trickled into his mind and heart, lifting his spirits, and giving him hope.

Jasper stood silently by the holly tree and close to the biggest potted trees. One of them was shaped into a ball. He liked that. When the conservatory door opened and Claudie stepped out, he froze in the darkness and the shadow of the holly.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

Want to know what happens next? Click here to buy Forever Blue.

Curious to know more about the author?

About Elodie:

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Elodie writes for, Hot Ink Press, Moon Rose Publishing, Eternal Press, and Evernight

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Pinterest   YouTube  Amazon USA  Amazon UK  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  ARe  Bookstrand  Evernight

Welcome Back to the Blog, Author Elodie Parkes!

*Over the next several months, I’ll be introducing you to a variety of writers. I am once again opening my blog up to guest bloggers in the form of author Q&A’s, author spotlight features and guest posts. I hope you enjoy!

Today I welcome back to my blog author Elodie Parkes. She first appeared in a Q&A in August of 2012, read that post by clicking here. Today Elodie will share a little more about herself, her writing and where she drew inspiration for her new release, The Winter Girl, released by Hot Ink Press

Without further ado, I’ll hand the blog over to Elodie!

Hi Amanda thank you for inviting me to the blog today.

Just a little about me so that your readers know who I am.

I live in the United Kingdom and I work in an antiques shop as well as writing. I have two dogs that keep me fit with their need for walks. I love the countryside and the coast.

I write romance, contemporary, and erotic with a twist of mystery, suspense, or the paranormal, now and then. I like to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale.

I’ve brought along my next release The Winter Girl today.


My books are all set in Britain and more specifically England. There are so many historic and incredibly pretty old places that I find myself inspired by. Often a story will start up as I pass through or stop over at a place when I am working. Lately I’ve been sent to buy and bring back items for the antiques emporium where I work. The Winter Girl is inspired by a place I stopped for lunch.

The country town is in the middle of a huge stone circle and surrounding ring ditch. A road runs right through and is quite busy, but in good weather, the place buzzes with tourists from all over the world. There is a main street with little shops and cafés. It’s not quite as big as the place I create for the setting of the book, but it’s gorgeously quaint and steeped in history. I found the characters of my book unfolding in my mind as I walked around the place, and especially my leading male character Starr Forrester. I would have loved to meet a real Starr Forrester there, but didn’t. I’m in love with him at the moment he’s so sexy, creative, clever, and naughty…

There was a new age shop there on the main street and it had rows of trays with many different semi-precious stones in them. There were little cards with the meaning and properties of each stone printed on there, which added to my inspiration. The book has a touch of magic, but is contemporary erotic romance.

Here’s the blurb for The Winter Girl

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.

Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business and on the lookout for his ‘Winter Girl’….

Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?

Elodie has brought along an excerpt from The Winter Girl, enjoy!

As Lily passed ‘Stone Magick’ on the high street, Ash was out on a ladder checking his awning was going to pass muster for the sunnier days ahead. The sun would shine directly in and it was too harsh on the display and in the front part of the shop. He knew Lily’s car, and he saw it pass. He stared after it.

He had accepted that he was in love with Lily. He wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t. He felt feverish with the need for it to spill from his lips when he was with her, but it stayed locked in his heart. He was sure she loved him too. She hadn’t said it, but her looks and the way she had made love to him in the last few days told him so.

He climbed down the ladder and called for his friend who was in the shop putting new lights over the middle cash desk.

“Colin, get out here and give me a hand with this ladder, it’s a real nuisance to take down the alley to the back.”

Colin came to the door with a tool of some kind in his hand.

“Sure, hang on.” He put the tool down and they both lifted the ladder to walk it down the alley by the side of the shop and up to Ash’s garage where it was stored. It was cumbersome, because it was an extendable ladder with three layers and lots of ways to trap your hand as you carried it.

“Can’t you get a new one Ash, this is old and the new ones are so much lighter?” Colin winced as a foot of the ladder hit him in the knuckles when they rounded the corner of the garage.

Ash grinned and nodded. “Just for you Colin.”



Elodie is running a giveaway over on  her blog to celebrate the release of The Winter Girl.

Win a $10 or £10 Amazon Gift card, enter via a rafflecopter giveaway. The enter the giveaway, please click here.

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Welcome Author Jorja Lovett to the Blog!

*Over the next several months, I’ll be introducing you to a variety of writers. I am once again opening my blog up to guest bloggers in the form of author Q&A’s, author spotlight features and guest posts. I hope you enjoy!

Today I am pleased to introduce you to romance author Jorja Lovett. Jorja writes for many publishing houses, including Total-E-Bound, who I am also signed with.  Learn more about Jorja and her latest release, The Wolf on the Hill in the blurb and excerpt below.

Thanks for having me here to share my new release with Total-E-Bound. The Wolf on the Hill is the first book in my series about wolf shifters – The Wild Irish Wolves.

thewolfonthehill_800 (2)

The Wolf on the Hill – Jorja Lovett


Book one in The Wild Irish Wolves Series.

Can two stubborn wolf shifters let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

Lone wolf Caleb Jackson is only back in town long enough to sell his late father’s house, and the bad memories with it. He never expected to find his mate.

Good girl Mia Blake never behaves badly. Except for the time she shifts into her wolf, chases a stranger through Olcan Hills, and has the hottest sex of her life on the forest floor.

He has no desire to settle down. She is afraid to upset her family. But, with someone determined to destroy Caleb’s inheritance, and his secret fling with Mia getting hot and heavy, moving on isn’t as easy as he’d hoped.

Can either of them let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

Excerpt *Warning: Contains Adult Only Content*

Rain soaked Mia’s fur as she bounded through the woods bordering the Olcan Hills, relishing every inch of earth mashed beneath her claws. Trees became nothing more than a blur as she raced by, running to find her release out here where she answered to no one but nature. This was freedom.

When she reached the top of the hill she came to a standstill and released her primal scream of frustration in a howl, unleashing everything she couldn’t say to her overbearing family, pouring every hidden truth of who she really was into one long mournful call.

In the distance, another wolf echoed her cry and answered with one of his own. This was the reason her mother despised her shifting into her wolf form. She went kind of crazy and forgot all sense of danger in the excitement. Exactly the reason why she did it in secret. And now, here she was, totally exposed in the Northern Irish countryside, crouched and listening out for the intruder’s approach.

Snapping twigs and rustling leaves marked his stealthy journey towards her but she stood her ground, regardless of how loudly her heart was beating in her ears. The wind carried his scent and raised the hackles along her spine when she sniffed the air. Another shifter, but one she didn’t recognise. Big bro would use her pelt for a rug if he found out she’d strayed beyond the boundary.

Amber eyes glowed in the dark shadows as the large grey wolf stalked through the forest. She bowed in submission. Even if she had a clue how to fight, he was double her size and twice as powerful. He growled a low warning and sniffed her with interest, his wet nose nudging her clammy fur. Did he expect her to roll over and show her belly? Pride wouldn’t let her, but she was careful not to make eye contact as he circled around her twice in case he took it as a challenge.

She only lifted her head when she saw him pad away, heading back to the cover of the trees. He stopped, looked back at her, and cocked his head to one side. When she didn’t move he returned and nipped her ear. She yelped in surprise and indignation. Of all the nerve!

The rules of engagement were abandoned in the heat of her outrage and, in a snarling frenzy, she launched herself at him. For an animal so large, the grey wolf moved gracefully, dodging her attack to race ahead and leaving Mia in dogged pursuit.

Tree branches tore at her skin as she ploughed heedlessly into the woodland, but the pain dulled in the exhilaration of the chase. As they wove their way through the undergrowth, Mia’s anger subsided to let her long-neglected sense of fun take over.

He wanted her to follow him. She knew that from the glances he kept throwing back at her. So she stopped and slipped quietly behind the stump of an uprooted oak, waiting to see what he would do. White wisps of steam escaped from her nostrils as she fought to get her breath back and suddenly the area seemed too quiet.

With a thud Grey leapt onto the tree stump, and leant back onto his haunches ready to pounce. Mia took off again and this time she was the hunted. She didn’t get very far before he sprang and knocked her off her feet.

In a tangle of limbs they rolled through the leafy debris of the forest floor, shifting into their human form as they came to rest, with her pinned to the ground by a hard, muscular, naked body.

“Well, that was fun.” He grinned down at her, making no attempt to get off her, his green eyes full of mischief.

“If you say so.” Mia’s heart still raced but she was at enough of a disadvantage wedged underneath him without admitting she enjoyed the capture as much as the chase.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He bent his head to kiss the scratches marking her shoulder and suddenly the only ache she felt was hidden deep inside.

“No.” She swallowed hard as he ventured closer to her already puckered nipples.

“Do you want me to stop?” His hot breath on her sensitive skin engulfed her in a tide of hormones she hadn’t been ruled by in a long time, if ever.

Maybe a piece of her wolf was still in her system, thriving on the excitement and danger, but she was horny, and ripe for the picking. “No.”

With a need to touch, to taste this handsome stranger on her tongue, she manoeuvred enough room to free her hands and wind them into his dark blond hair, pulling him down into a kiss.

He massaged her breasts, first with his hand, quickly followed by his mouth. The sucking and licking around her straining pink tips made her arousal too great to bear. She writhed against him, wet and waiting, but he let her suffer further still whilst he covered her mounds in tiny, exquisite bites.

Bewitched by the woods and her fantasy lover, she swapped the dull reality of her life for this moment, cavorting like the sort of woodland nymph she longed to be. Someone who lived without fear of consequences or judgement.

She wanted him. Prim and proper Mia Blake, who never stepped out of line, was lying naked in the woods with a stranger’s erection pressing into her abdomen, and she loved it. A restlessness seized hold as her body cried out with need. Her limbs trembled, her fingers and toes curled, waiting for that final act of completion. As dusk settled around them and an ethereal fog swirled between the trees, she lost herself in the erotic dream and let him sink into her.

Available from Total-E-Bound now.

Author Bio

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn’t until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.

Find her on Facebook, Twitter: @jorjalovett, Blog, Website